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  • What is Immersion WKND Conference 2023 (IWC23) about?
    IWC23 is the gathering of believers to encounter Jesus, be equipped and impact the world.
  • Who is IWC23 for?
    Immersion WKND is for the hungry, the restless, and for those who are agitated by the status quo. This is for those who are willing to put everything on the line in order to see a movement of God in our generation!
  • What is the speaker schedule for IWC23?
    The speaking schedule is not released prior to our events for security reasons. While these are the logistical reasons, our primary goal is to minister directly to the heart of Jesus. We want our focus to remain on Him and as we gather together we want it to be just for Him. While we love our speakers and fully believe we have the best possible line up from around the world, we want Jesus to be the one and only subject.
  • Will there be an online live streamed option for IWC23?
    No, the only option to be a part of IWC23 is by joining us in-person.
  • Will you be recording IWC23?
    During the IWC23, we will be recording (audio and video) and photographing. You may likely be filmed, recorded or photographed as part of the audience or individually. By your attendance, you are granting your permission to be recorded or photographed for this event.
  • Are cameras or videography allowed IWC23?
    Photography, Video, and Audio recordings are not allowed during main sessions of the Conference. Our desire is for everyone to be free from distraction while experiencing IWC23.
  • Will there be free parking available at IWC23?
    Yes, a free parking lot will be available on a first come first serve basis at the conference location. We encourage carpooling if you are attending with other individuals or with a group.
  • Will childcare be provided at IWC23?
    No, childcare is not available at IWC23.
  • Will seating be assigned at IWC23?
    Seating is not assigned, but will be sectioned off based on ticket type (General or VIP). We will have ushers to assist you in finding your seating section.
  • Will my group be able to sit together at IWC23?
    While everyone that purchases a ticket will have a seat, we cannot guarantee that your group will be able to sit together. We encourage you to arrive early to register and check in, and find your seats.
  • What can I bring with me to IWC23?
    A list of permitted and non-permitted items can be found below. In an effort to move all attendees through the line as quickly as possible, we ask that items being brought inside be kept to a minimum. Items permitted: Clear bags Purses, Messenger or Laptop Bags Notepad, Notebook, ink pen, etc. Transparent Water bottles Items NOT permitted: Backpacks, Duffle bags, etc. Firearms Edge tools or weapons (knives, box cutters, etc.) Fireworks Alcohol / Tobacco Products / Drugs Coolers/Food Storage totes or containers Skateboards, bikes, or hoverboards Musical Instruments Wagons/carts/pop-up desks or tables Aerosol cans Drones Storage areas such as lockers are NOT available for safe storage of any personal items. Lost or stolen items are not the responsibility of Immersion WKND staff or Radiant Church. We encourage you to carefully consider the items that you bring. Attendee's should take particular attention not to bring prohibited items. Event Security and Staff including any staff member of Immersion WKND, Raidant Church, or Security Teams reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone and/or deny admission of any items at their sole discretion
  • Will food and beverages be available at IWC23?
    Yes, will have an on-site Cafe’ offering light refreshments such as coffee and other beverages, snacks and pastries at IWC23. (Items are available for suggested donation). **Complimentary bottled water will be provided to all ticket holders.
  • Will IWC23 be translated?
    At this time we will not be offering translation services at IWC23.
  • Will there be wheelchair accessibility at IWC23?
    Yes, this year's venue, Radiant Church, does have wheelchair accessible. Handicap Parking available and a ramp for entry into the building.
  • How can I volunteer at IWC23?
    Yes! Simply text IWC23 to 97000 for volunteering opportunities. You can send us an email as well:
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