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Encounter. Confront. Transform.

Asheville is a city that thrives on its uniqueness, artistry, and vibrant diversity. Yet, amidst its creative spirit, conventional approaches often yield little results. We've seen our fair share of churches and movements come and go, often leaving a sense of fracture in their wake. Despite its breathtaking natural beauty, this region bears a heavy and somber spiritual atmosphere. Many Christians find themselves grappling with their own spiritual challenges, diminishing their ability to impact others.


Addressing this requires a revolutionary approach—one that goes beyond attending services or giving back in traditional ways.


I believe a truly transformed life is birthed from a powerful encounter with the One, true, living God. Such an encounter uproots everything and fundamentally changes the trajectory of your life. That's why we launched IMMERSION WKND (IW) in 2022, hosted it in 2023 and we're excited to host it again in 2024!


IMMERSION WKND is an annual conference for the people of Western North Carolina. We’re bringing together renowned international speakers and esteemed local pastors and leaders to explore crucial topics such as spiritual deficiency, mental and emotional health, relationships, identity, and purpose. Our desire is for you to experience the transformative power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


This is your invitation to become an integral part of this movement by joining us at this year’s Immersion WKND.


Come face to face with Jesus, shatter the norms, and spark a spiritual revolution.



Sergio Fesiuk

Host of immersion wknd & Pastor AVL City Church

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