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Asheville stands out for its uniqueness, artistry and diverse population. Because of this, conventional approaches often yield different results than expected. We've seen our fair share of churches and movements come and go, often leaving a sense of fracture in their wake. Despite its breathtaking natural beauty, this region bears a heavy and somber spiritual atmosphere. It appears that many Christians here find themselves grappling with their own spiritual challenges, thus deflating their potential to help others. So, tackling this situation calls for a different approach beyond attending services, lending a hand, or giving back in the usual ways.


I believe that to live a truly transformed life, one must experience a transformative encounter with the one, true, living and holy God. It's the kind of encounter that completely uproots and alters the trajectory of your destiny. That's why we launched IMMERSION WKND in 2022, hosted it in 2023 and we're excited to host it again in 2024 with the kick off deliberately scheduled in the heart of Asheville and on Halloween night.

The essence of IMMERSION WKND is straightforward: to encounter Jesus and be equipped to impact the world. This also mirrors the weekend's structured journey. Each session and each speaker building upon the previous. We have invited international speakers along with local pastors and leaders to do a deep dive into many topics including spiritual deficiency, mental and emotional health, relationships, identity, and purpose. To not only to be inspired and encouraged but also to be challenged in our walk with Jesus.


The condition of our region is the reflection of individual christians that make up the local Church. This revival must first be ignited in you and I. When we experience a real and personal transformation, we will naturally become the catalyst for positive change among family, friends, and the broader circle of influence that God has placed us in. God through you is the answer to our region.


I know there is a people who are agitated by the status quo and are willing to put everything on the line in order to see a movement of God in our generation and in our region! I am believing that you are one of them.


Help us propel this endeavor by being a part of this year’s Immersion WKND. We have laid out very simple ways for you to partner with us, so please visit our website for more info.


Sergio Fesiuk


Pastor AVL City Church

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